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Exploring The Art of Modern Thinking is like embarking on a journey with a group of friends, each of whom has a different set of skills and perspectives.

As you traverse the terrain, you will encounter familiar and unfamiliar landmarks – quotes, ideas, and discussions – that will challenge you to think differently and creatively.


Together, you will build a shared language that can be used to navigate the modern landscape and discover new solutions to old problems.


This book will give you the tools to help you think more creatively and outside the box. It will help you to develop creative problem-solving skills, boost your confidence, and give you the inspiration to come up with innovative ideas.


It will teach you how to look at issues from different perspectives and how to use different techniques to generate creative solutions. From brainstorming and mind mapping to lateral thinking and timeboxing, this book will provide you with the fundamentals of creative thinking and help you to take steps towards achieving your goals.



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The Art of Modern Thinking - self-help-ebook

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