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- 2nd Tier Sponsorship: $4000.00- All Base Sponsorship benefits.- Opportunity for a display and booth at the event.- Increased visibility during the conference.


Sponsorship Benefits Tier 2

The 4th Annual Montgomery 2320 BDS LLC 2024 Conference will focus on connecting "Investors" to "Investments" and the future of Indiana business all at the vintage Fort Wayne Electric Works on July 12th, 2024!

This event is built for everyone involved in it to receive more for their companies.

•More Exposure

•More Connections

•More Opportunities

•More Marketing Content

•More Engagement

By being a part of our event as an attendee or a sponsor you are making an "Investment" in your business!

Indiana is doing a lot of behind the scenes work to draw business from all around the world 🌎. And you need to position your businesses to become a part of this growth.

Sponsorship Benefits Tier 2

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