A perfect blend of sweet mangos and savory peppers deliver a scrumptious balance of sweet n' hot to this jelly. Chunks of mellow mango pulp send your taste buds to the tropics upon initial contact and the push of peppery heat reminds you that this isn't your typical jelly. Spread Peggy's Peppers Mango Pepper Jelly generously! Use as a dip for fried veggies or stir into rice for a quick staple with tons of flavor. 

Add Peggy's to your shopping list and add some "WOW" to whatever you prepare! Peggy’s makes every dish more interesting! 

Cane Sugar, Peppers, Vinegar, Mango, Citric Acid, Pectin.

Peggy's Peppers Mango Pepper Jelly 11oz. (12ct.)