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The Money Waste and Physical Harm!

Have you ever rushed out to a busy day and you planned your day (work, events, and fun) ,but you did not plan what you would eat or when or where? I bet we can all say "I've  done that before", at some point or another. Or, we may be guilty of doing it more often than not! Have you ever stopped and actually counted the cost that this slip of the mind or disregard of your daily diet might cost you, physically and financially? Every time we do this there is a good chance that instance of a thought out healthy meal we'll end getting an unhealthy quick bite some where and it will more than likely cost you 3 times the amount of preparing the meal ourselves. And nutritionally it will not be nearly as good for you, as there are not a lot of healthy fast food joints out there :( . Instead we subject ourselves to the bad happens that causes a multitude of misery for us in our bodies and in our pockets! I suggest to all of to really stop a take stock of the foods that we are eating and how and when we're eating them. Cancer, heart disease,  diabetes,  and high blood pressure are all directly linked to these happens and we have the power to change this, God bless you all! 

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