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Learning to Play Pool

In 1989 when I was 15 years old I started to learn how to play pool after school.

I would go by the local pool hall that just opened up in my neighborhood after school and I would take $2, $3, $5 whatever I had and I will spend 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours after school playing pool.

Now, when I would go to this pool hall there would only be older fellows in the pool hall there'd be 3 or 4 of them. It was called Morris is pool hall, and they would teach me how to play pool and I would play pool by myself and I would Practice shooting the balls, and ya know, learning what the cue does, and they would teach me how to use the proper English on the balls, and one thing that they taught me and this stuck with me all my life!

It was, they told me "if you study long you study wrong", you need to choose your shot, you need to study your shot, and you need to execute the shot all within a relatively small period of time and if you take longer than that when you do actually take your shot more times than not you'll miss it!

Because you're studying too long so there's a fine window between Study and executing whatever our shot is, and that place from every point of life. So as I play pool, and then when I will play with other people I also learned that when I started to gamble on my pool game, my pool game was all already put under stress and it made me not as accurate as I would be if I wasn't gambling on it!

I became very good at the game of pool to be honest and I take pride in the fact of the lessons that the older men taught me and I would play with them and my game got a lot sharper! I also learned to be very careful about putting money down to gamble on something, on my skill when I wasn't sure of who I was playing against.

I learned a lot of lessons when I was 15 years old playing pool! So pool is my game and I strategize, and I use this all the way through life on how I do everything that I do. And when it comes down to making the decisions, and taking the shots that I take, "study long you study wrong" so I practice all the time, and so when I get on the table there's no time, no time to study!

When we're on the table, when we're in a game that's no time to practice when you're in the game you're in the game so you practice when you're not in the game!


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