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Topo Chico has a bright, clean finish without any weird metallic aftertaste (it’s bottled in glass as opposed to aluminum). The drink is extra fizzy — seemingly more so than other sparkling waters — and gives you the satisfaction of a soda, minus the sugar and calories. Due to the water’s natural mineral composition (which includes sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese) and carbonation (only some extra CO2 is added to restore what is lost during the bottling process), Topo Chico claims it alleviates indigestion and dehydration. We’ve found even the greasiest food won’t cause tummy troubles if consumed with a Topo Chico and that the water makes for a thirst-quenching post-workout drink.

If you’re wondering where the name originated, Topo Chico’s a healing spring in Monterrey, Mexico. To paraphrase the Legend of Topo Chico on the drink’s website, during 15th century Aztec rule, travelers spoke of a healing spring. When emperor Moctezuma I’s daughter suffered a seemingly incurable disease, he ordered priests to find this miraculous source of water. Eventually they discovered Topo Chico and brought the princess there to drink the water and bathe in it. Story has it, the water rejuvenated her, and she returned back to the kingdom strong, joyful, and refreshed. News spread of this, and for generations, ailing people traveled there in hopes of similar relief. - Anna Monette Roberts Article 

Topo - Chico - Aqua Mineral Water 11.5oz - 24ct. Case

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