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Mina Lemon Verbena Moroccan Tea is a blend of high-quality black tea and lemon verbena leaves, producing a fragrant and flavorful tea. Lemon verbena is a plant native to South America, known for its fresh, lemon-like aroma and flavor. This tea is often enjoyed in Morocco as a traditional beverage, served hot or cold. The blend of black tea and lemon verbena provides a well-balanced flavor, with a smooth and slightly sweet taste from the tea, and a bright and fresh citrus note from the lemon verbena. The aroma of Mina Lemon Verbena Moroccan Tea is fresh and citrusy, making it a popular choice for tea lovers who enjoy a touch of sweetness and brightness in their tea. This tea is typically brewed with hot water and can be enjoyed on its own or with a sweetener of your choice.

Mina Lemon Verbana #Moroccan Tea - Case of 6 - (15ct.)

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