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"Good Food for you!"

Food By The Word
Food By The Word
James R. Montgomery Sr.
Food By The Word Media
Citrus Fruits

Every day I come to work, I come ready to succeed and grow our business,

” ‘This is who I am.”


"My Three Personal Rules:

1 Serve the Lord With All of My Heart

2 Serve My Family With All of Me

3 Grow Forward No Matter What "


"Food By The Word"

At "Food By The Word" we are led by our Mission, our Purpose, & our Vision. 

Our Mission:

We provide quality food for your everyday.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of "Food By The Word", is to serve food the way God intended for it to be served. By eating what is natural (not overly processed), and avoiding those things that are not meant for us to eat, such as hormones, antibodies, additives, and artificial preservatives.

Our Vision:
"An open environment that will first Glorify God in our bodies and live's through fellowship, food, and discipleship. This is a for-profit business that we operate with a full 

Christian understanding of stewardship and principled fundamentals." - FBTW 

This is "Food By The Word"!
God bless you and yours! 


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