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"We are growing & evolving!"

Food By The Word
Citrus Fruits

Every day I come to work, I come ready to succeed and grow our business,

” ‘This is who I am.”

James R. Montgomery Sr.

"My Three Personal Rules:

1 Serve the Lord With All of My Heart

2 Serve My Family With All of Me

3 Grow Forward No Matter What "


At "Food By The Word" we are led by our Mission, our Purpose, & our Vision. 

Our Mission:

We provide quality products for your everyday.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of "Food By The Word", is to align with the guidance of God and serve people daily. We do this by offering top-notch products and treating others with the same respect and care that we ourselves desire.

Our Vision:
"An open environment that will first Glorify God in our bodies and live's through fellowship, food, and discipleship. This is a for-profit business that we operate with a full 

Christian understanding of stewardship and principled fundamentals." - FBTW 

This is "Food By The Word"!
God bless you and yours!


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