The purpose of “Food By The Word” is to serve food the way God intended for it to be served.  By eating what is natural (not overly processed), and avoiding those things that are not meant for us to eat such as hormones, antibodies, additives, and artificial preservatives.”

James R. Montgomery Sr.

Every day I come to work, I come ready to succeed and grow our business,

” ‘This is who I am.”


"My Three Personal Rules:

1 Serve the Lord With All of My Heart

2 Serve My Family With All of Me

3 Grow Forward No Matter What "


 On September 14th, 2016 after a month of soul searching, and job searching I felt a calling from God to make the ultimate life leap of faith and start my own business – a restaurant no less!

I am building a brand that will start off with a local presence. I will build my brand to grow in our changing global economy. This is the vision that I am focused on, with the development of my business. By developing a strong brand, I will ensure a growth patterned business plan as opposed to a here and now - just enough format. As life has shown me over the last several years, our health, how we eat, and what we eat is the most valuable aspect of all of our lives that for most of us, is being very overlooked and under cared for on a day to day basis.


 With my food concept “Food By The Word”, I’ll focus totally on feeding people food that is all natural and organic. I have studied, and learn over the last several years that there are a lot of the foods that we eat daily that are very unhealthy for us, and not at all how God has intended for us to eat (“Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing” Deuteronomy 14:3). As a Christian, I’ve dedicated my life to the study of God’s word (The Holy Bible). I have tried over the last 11 years (a daily process) to model my life and habits after the teachings of the Bible, and as I have correlated what I’ve learned from studying the Bible and from what I’ve learned from doctors, documentaries, and published articles. I have concluded that we have in our hands all the necessary foods available to us, and they are good for us, but we are directed and taught not to eat them. I will provide not only food that is good for us, but I will also be a source for anyone that love’s the word of God to visit an environment that will foster their Christian walk with messages, and opportunities to fellowship and converse with others with like interests and beliefs. I will have an open environment that will first Glorify God in our bodies and lives through fellowship, food, and discipleship. This is a for-profit business that I will operate with a full Christian understanding of stewardship and principled fundamentals.


 I understand that this is a very idealistic concept. I have studied the industry very intently along with 19 years of industry experience I’ve found that there is a great deal of growing interest in the all-natural and organic food markets. As there has been a renewed interest in healthy lifestyle choice foods, I feel very strongly that my deli-style restaurant and market concept is primed for the Indianapolis market centered around center township initially and then branching out as we grow. Servicing Downtown Indy and the Greater Indianapolis Area. Using social media as my main avenue for advertising and staying in touch with my "Friends".

I have a firm belief that instead of developing merely “Customers” that I wish to develop “Friendships”, and these friendships are relationships that I’ll strive to grow and appreciate starting in business and grow in life. It is important to me that I have Loyal Friends and not merely satisfied customers (a customer as a consumer will go anywhere, a loyal friend will be exclusive with just you).  

Founded 2016 James R. Montgomery Sr. , Indianapolis, Indiana