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An Orange is a round citrus fruit with a bright orange outer skin that encases its juicy, sweet and tart flesh. Its flesh is segmented into individual juicy pockets and is held together by a thin white membrane. Its texture is firm yet plump, with a slight give when gently pressed. Its thin outer skin is smooth and shiny, with a slightly dimpled appearance and a zesty aroma that is released when its skin is pierced or the fruit is cut in half. The flavor of an Orange is delicately sweet and tangy, with a balance of sugar and acid that makes it an irresistible snack or ingredient in a variety of dishes. Overall, a fancy Orange is a perfect example of nature's bounty, offering a tantalizing taste, a cheerful color, and a host of health benefits.

Fancy #Oranges 🍊 1 case (72/88 ct.)

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