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Only 20 spot available!

Food By The Word is a way of life! You will learn about how to organize your life around minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle choices. From eating what you grow to stocking up your pantry for a long winter ( or other events).


You will come out to the farm for a day and get tips on cutting, storing wood, and burning wood to keep warm. How live a life being more in tune with nature. How the word of God plays the largest role in our daily live's, and much more!


Come and join us, you will be very blessed and encouraged to press through these times that we are all in today!


We are hosting this event on the farm in Wabash County located near Salamonie State Forest.


We will provide food and drinks, and a gift bag of helpful supplies!


Once you sign up you will receive further information about the exact location.

Food By The Word is a Way of #Life! Summer 2024

Excluding Sales Tax
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