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Step into a world where herbs are the heroes of flavor! 🌿✨ Picture ancient Egyptians sipping on soothing brews, while in China, ginger was the ultimate tea trendsetter 2500 years ago. And let's not forget the spice-filled beginnings of Ayurveda in India! 🍵🌏

Now, imagine the endless possibilities of herbal teas! With a medley of flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, citrus, and berries, the combinations are as boundless as your imagination! 🌼🍋🍇

Today, we're bringing you a sensational blend that'll tango on your taste buds. 🕺💃 Twinings, the maestros of tea, have crafted a zesty dance of ginger and lemon that's been tantalizing tea lovers for centuries. 🍋🧡💥

Just peek at these vibrant ingredients:

🌱 Ginger root

🍋 Natural lemon & ginger flavors with other natural delights

🌾 Lemongrass

🍃 Blackberry leaves

🍋 Luscious lemon peel

This is not just tea; it's a fiesta for your senses! 🎉 Get ready for an electrifying sip that'll make your taste buds groove and your spirit soar! ✨🍵 #TeaParty

Lemon Ginger Herbal #Tea 6 (25.ct) Boxes

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