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My first restaurant job was at Butler University

My first restaurant job in 1993 was at Butler University in the C-Club were I made Pizza Hut pizza's, Taco Bell taco's, Burger King burger's , and worked in the Deli. Out of all of those job's the deli always stood out to me as the funnest and most creative position in the whole concept.

Over the next several years I transitioned into Security work only to find myself going to work for Donatos Pizza in 1996. After working my way up from delivery driver to general manager and after 15 years I left the restaurant biz in 2012 for newer and bigger things; that is not exactly how it went!

By August of 2016 I found myself starting all over again and searching for my place in the logistics and supply chain industry. As I looked all over for a career, I got the vision from God that I'd been praying for and that was that it was time for me to start my own business and it should be what I was passionate about and that boils down to God, My Family, Sandwiches, And Christian Hip hop ( yep , that's me )! And out of this is birth "Food By The Word "!

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