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Children Are Our Future

I have grandchildren, niece's, and nephew's that I aim to show and advocate a better series of healthy lifestyle choices than a lot of us had no idea of growing up. There has been a great deal of research done over the last several years that has shown direct links between childhood obesity leading to adult issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, i.e. I've seen every adult in my family struggle with health issues and I have also struggled with obesity and unbalanced blood sugar. 

I have made a lot of personal lifestyle changes for a healthy life and I plan to make more. The most important changes that I'm making are those of changing and making healthier  lifestyle choices for my family. This all begins with us as the adults actually changing our mindsets for food and how we eat and what eat. 

Our children look to us for their menus when they're to young to make their own choices. We as the adults have to make it important to teach and show them healthier lifestyles. And not letting popular culture continue to feed our kids convenient poison. 

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