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Making the Move to The Country life

Moving to the country! Whoa, so excited for a new adventure for me and my wife. We have moved from the city (Indianapolis) to the beautiful open air countryside in northeastern Indiana! This is a major move for me as I've lived in Indianapolis for the last 35 years and I have never lived on a road with a cow crossing on it. I am excited to learn and grow my own food and truly live in an environment that really promotes the base nature of Food By The Word, as I am so dedicated to providing food the way "God intended for it to be", all natural and organic. I will be seeking out all of the recipes and all natural ingredients that I can find, I already get natural farm cage free eggs from my stepsons farm (and they are awesome). We are literally farm to farm to table now, and I am so excited! Please look for more to come from Food By The Word Market Store down on the farm!

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