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Autobiography of Frank Robert aka Bob Montgomery

My father operated his Antique store " Bob's Curio's" at 28th and Capitol Avenue from 1995 to 2010 when his health would no longer allow him to do so! He operated his Black owned business with collaboration from a diverse group of local community business owners.

Frank Robert aka Bob Montgomery

owned and operated 10 plus different businesses through four decades. From a Club in Roanoke, Virginia to a small chain of Cleaners in Colorado Springs, Colorado then back home in Indianapolis to and Antique Furniture shop in the heart of the city!

He helped to foster other businesses for friends and close associates while serving the most under served parts of Indy. He provided a countless number of jobs for neighborhoods from the east side to the west sides of town. His last store front was at 28th and Capital Avenue where he cemented very close friendships and gave far more than he ever received!

His self written autobiography will be available for the world to read later in 2021, and will definitely serve to inspire all Americans growing from where we were to where we will be!!!!!



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