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Food By The Word Market Store

Praise God! Hey folks the time is now, God has been positioning and developing Food By The Word for 5 years for a time such as this!

We are set to open our 1st Food By The Word Market Store in right in the heart of Indianapolis at The AMP@16 Tech! 16 Tech is perfectly situated in our Soil, where my family is from, where our heritage lays, where we have much history. 16 Tech is the perfect place for our story to take root at, at a time of new beginnings and generational transfers of culture and knowledge. At a time of great innovation and reinvention! I am so excited to bring quality and healthy food options to not only our work spaces but all of our daily lifestyle "spaces", be it out with friends, on a bike ride, on a walk, or just to see a smiling face 🙂!

It is our time and I need to see all of your faces, so go to and come by The AMP@16 Tech and say hi, and get a refreshing water and a snack or stock up! God bless you and yours!

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