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Our Christ Centered Culture

With my food concept “Food By The Word”, I will focus totally on feeding people food that is all natural and organic. I have studied and learn over the last several years that there are foods, that we eat daily that are very unhealthy for us, and not at all what I feel God had intended for us to eat (“Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing” Deuteronomy 14:3). As a Christian, I have dedicated my life to the study of God’s word (The Holy Bible). I have tried over the last several years (a daily process) to model my life and habits after the teachings of the Bible, and as I have correlated what I have learned from studying the Bible and from what I have learned from doctors, documentaries, and published articles. I have concluded that we have in our hands every day all the necessary foods available to us that we need, and they are good for us, but we are directed and taught not to eat them. I will provide not only food that is good for us, but I will also be a source for anyone that love is the word of God, to visit an environment that will foster their Christian walk with messages, and opportunities to fellowship and converse with others with similar likes, interest, and beliefs.


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